A dreamt journey


A dreamt journey

Ref.: LI-VIA.01

216 pags. 24,5 x 28,5 cms

Publishing year: 2008

Publisher: Biplano Licensing, S.A.

Languages: Spanish and English

D.L.B.: 47.726-2008

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The best journeys are those which come from a distant dream. As years go by, probably since childhood, drawing on maps, books, photos and documentaries, the traveller’s mind has been filling with powerful imagery of a distant place he is certain he will visit one day. When the dream comes true at last, a big smile is drawn on the traveller’s face whilst he checks how the profile of the destination he wished for such a long time fits in so perfectly with his dream. There is no limit to a dreamt journey.

In this book, Andoni Canela, the photographer, contributes with magical images while Xavier Moret describes the locations, drawing on his travelling experience. They both make us comprehend that travelling can become a way of understanding life.

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