Sleeping amongst Wolves


Sleeping amongst Wolves

ISBN 9788461714599 (2014)
Sleeping amongst Wolves, in search of the Iberian wolf
Andoni Canela and Juan Carlos Blanco.
192 pages. 30 x 22 cm. Hard cover. 1,250 gr.

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This book contains photographs of wild Iberian wolves that Andoni Canela has taken over the past twenty years including many previously unpublished images like a pack of thirteen wolves, a wolf mother feeding her cubs, wolves under the winter snow, the frantic game of the cubs in the forest, the entire wolf pack feeding on a carrion, etc. The photos were taken in the most rugged landscapes of Spain: The Picos de Europa mountains, Riaño, Somiedo, Ancares, Galicia and the Sierra de la Culebra.
The book includes texts by Juan Carlos Blanco, biologist and member of the Wolf Specialist Group of IUCN, dealing with the biology and conservation of this species in Spain.

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